Buisness in Strandebarm

What can the local businesses offer?




Lingalaks AS, Grovabrotet 8, 5600 Norheimsund,
E-mail: linga@lingalaks.no


Ljones Fisk

Tangavegen 19, 5620 Tørvikbygd
Tel: 56 55 83 55 


Ljones gartneri

Tlf.: 56 55 83 34
Tangavegen 187, 5620 TØRVIKBYGD

Fjellstrand AS

The fjord has always been important to Strandebarm, and the boat builder tradition is strong in the village, which has its own design rowing boat. Still, today boatbuilding is an important industry in the village, but both production and product have changed dramatically. Fjellstrand AS, which today produces large passenger and car ferries in aluminium, is a modern shipyard. Here employing about 123 persons and Fjellstrand is one of the cornerstones in the village. landscapes with cultural historical value.