Public information

Fire: 110 / 948 48 110 (Kvam)
112 / 02 800
Emergency room in Kvam:
56 55 19 10 /116 117 
Route information:
Tourist information in Norheimsund:
56 55 31 84
TAXI Norheimsund Øystese:
56 55 25 25 / 07000
TAXI Ålvik:
940 89 208
TAXI Strandebarm: 971 67 444

Welcome to Kvam!

Strandebarm with inhabitants of 1300, was a freestanding municipality until 1965, when it merged with the municipality of Kvam. The centre is Tangerås with Strandebarmtunet, with a COOP grocery store, café, hairdresser, health centre, and a building shop. Close to the shopping centre is also Strandebarm kindergarten, (to the left of the image). Behind, to the right int the picture, is the Strandebarm boat marina, which ii next to Strandebarm sports complex. Close by is the new Strandebarm primary school, with pupils from Innstranda to Mundheim.

Famous persons from Strandebarm are writers Hans E. Kinck and Jon Fosse.  
Distance from Norheimsund to Tangerås is 30 km.

Tørvikbygd with its ferry connection over to Jondal, lies 12 km south of Norheimsund. COOP- grocery store is next to the ferry quay. Tørvikbygd with its school covers classes from 1th to 5th grade and has its own kindergarden. Tørvikbygd has active organizations groups associated with youth work, sports club, local chapeau, and a music corps. 500 persons live in Tørvikbygd. 

Norheimsund with 3300 inhabitants is the municipal centre of Kvam herad and the regional center in outer parts of Hardanger. In 2013, Norheimsund was awarded the Norwegian government’s “the most attractive village” prize. This due to thetight and easy access centre overlooking fjord. The centre offers over 30 specialty shops, liquor stores, hotel, several cafes, bank, post office, and the town square serves as a bus hub. The small boat-marina offers guest boat docs.

Along Strandvegen promenade, take a walk from Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter through the village centre and onward to the bridge with the pedestrian path to the trail along Movatnet to Steinsdalsfossen. No parking fees in Norheimsund.

Øystese is located 6 km from the municipal centre in Norheimsund in the north-eastern direction. Here is a broad offer of service, services and a versatile business community. About 2500 people have postal address Øystese. In 2019 the new Hardangerbadet is ready for use. Besides of being a public bath, it will host a health and medical centre that with specialists in back and skeletal disorders. The newly renovated Hardangerfjord Hotel placed next door will shared reception with the Hardangerbadet.

Kvam Ungdomsskule and Kvam Vgs - Øystese Gymnas are close to the centre of Øystese. Municipal road up to the Fitjadalen valley is a good starting point for a walk around Fitjadalsvatnet or hiking in the mountains. An alternative road from Øystese to Fyksesund over Soldal - Porsmyr, takes you past Skårsvatnet with goldfish. (The road is narrow and is not recommended for large cars)

Ålvik is located on the north side of the Hardangerfjord 25 km from Norheimsund in the north-eastern direction. 700 inhabitants live in Ålvik. Elkem AS Bjølvefossen has 155 employees and produces both cleanferrosiliconand about 120 different alloys for casting works over the entire world. Bjølvefossen gets its energy from Statkraft's Bjølvo Kraftverk which is 1200 meters inside the mountain in Ålvik.  School, kindergarten, church, sports field and assembly house lie on a small side road from FV 7. The COOP store is centrally located at Torget. Tyrvefjøra lies 750 from Torget and has bathing and picnic area with toilet facilities, serviced by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's program for national tourist road.

Ålvik is a good starting point for walking in the mountains. Motorways (toll roads) go up to the wooden boundary both from Ytre Ålvik and Vikedal in Ålvik. Good information signs stand where the car road starts.