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What can the local businesses offer?



Hardanger Aquarium offers unique insights into aquaculture in one of the most beautiful fjords in the world. Welcome to an experience out of the ordinary in the heart of Norway. With us, the guests see the how salmon farming operates in practice. With an underwater camera installed, guests get a good impression of life in the fish cage, and they can even walk out of the plant and look the salmon in the eye.

Steinstø Kai, 5612 Steinstø
Office: +47 56 55 55 40
Guide: +47 970 17 537
E-post: post@akvasenter.no


Handmade and handmade by the most beautiful fjords in the world!
Pay attention to the great taste experiences of Hardanger on glasses and glass from Nøring. A fresh and natural taste without the use of artificial preservatives. I cook traditional Hardanger Bakst and a versatile range of treats from the larder of nature. See our complete product list and overview of sales outlets in Norway. Do not hesitate to contact us: a dessert in the classroom is just a phone number away.

Fruit shop in Øystese, Sjusetevegen 27, 5610 Øystese
Tel: (+47) 56 55 47 00


Postadress: P.boks 93, 5604 Øystese
Adress: Lundanes 2, 5610 Øystese
Tel.: 56 55 03 00
Manager: Leif Gjerde
Cell phone: 901 20 128

Næringshagen i Hardanger.png

The Regional Nutritional Garden of Hardanger AS bind, like Hardangerbrua, compares Hardanger to one industry and growth area. Would you like to start a new one, or develop existing works, you can get help from the SIVA industry's industrial garden in Hardanger!

Sjusetevegen 27, 5610 Øystese
Tlf: 900 70 848
E-mail: nih@hardangerhagen.no

Kvam næringsråd_logo.png

Kvam Næringsråd aims to exert influence on the development of Kvam's food and society in a direction that can increase growth in both workplaces and residents. This is an ambitious goal, and in order to achieve this, we need a broad cooperation from the local businesses. A high membership add weight to the ideas and the cases we engage in.

Sjusetevegen 27, 5610 Øystese
Tel: 913 47 997
E-mail: knr@kvamnet.no