Buisness in Norheimsund

Local Businesses. What can they offer?



Goldsmith Bjørgum
Our goal is to be an attractive gift shop that offers current goldsmiths, high professional competence and good service. The workshop started its production in 1954, specializing in bunad (local costume) silver through selection, production, restoration and refurbishment in its own workshop. You are welcome to drop by!

Tel: 56 55 12 85, E-mail: post@gullsmedbjorgum.no

Kvam herad_logo_blå.png

Kvam Municipality, Grovagjelet 16, 5600 Norheimsund.
Telefon: 56 55 30 00 / Faks: 56 55 30 01,
E-mail: postmottak@kvam.kommune.no

Optikar Bjelland_LOGO, Farge.png

Opticians Bjelland A / S will open in Norheimsund, February 6, 1995. Most of our glasses consultants have gone through relevant courses before style, shape, colour and eyewear. In addition, they have long experience in directing in choosing the style so that one is both comfortable and function well technically.

Iversen huse.jpg

Tel.: 56 55 19 70
Adresse: Grova 35, Iversenbygget, 5600 Norheimsund
E-mail: post@digitalbilder.no

MoSport S_LOGO.png

Mo Sport
We are a full range sports shop with a good selection of bicycles, skis, races, and to enjoy open air, "says Arve Øyri. We have been concentrating on cycling in the summer and skiing in the winter. The bicycle department is big and we have a good bike shop. We have bikes for everyone and our workers are eager bike riders. The ski department have a good selection of equipment and the staff are qualified and experienced in mountain hiking, Nordic racing and alpine skiing.

Sandvenveien 1a, 5600 Norheimsund
Tel: 56 55 15 80

Logo berge gartneri.png

Tørvikbygdvegen 215, 5620 Tørvikbygd. Tel.: 911 55 319

MX Sport_LOGO, Farge_ø_nhs.png

Sjusetevegen 6, 5610 Øystese. Tel.: 56 55 75 72.
E-mail: Oystese@mv-sport.no

Kvam næringsråd_logo.png

Kvam Næringsråd aims to exert influence on the development of Kvam's food and society in a direction that can increase growth in both workplaces and residents. This is an ambitious goal, and in order to achieve this, we need a broad cooperation from the local businesses. A high membership add weight to the ideas and the cases we engage in.

Sjusetevegen 27, 5610 Øystese
Tel: 913 47 997
E-mail: knr@kvamnet.no


Lingalaks operates food production under natural ideal conditions in Hardanger and Nordhordaland through local knowledge and experience. Me provides the value market with Norwegian quality fish.

Lingalaks AS, Grovabrotet 8, 5600 Norheimsund,
E-mail: linga@lingalaks.no