Municipality of Kvam




Life is ‘delicious’!

The name Ålvik is derived from the needle tree named “older” with location on the north side of the Hardangerfjord, about two hour’s drive east of Bergen and approx. 20 km from Øystese, direction Voss. Ålvik as a hamlet has a food store, post office, school and church and a local population who are very active in their community. 

Ålvik offers 3 great starting points for hiking areas with marked trails to mountain plateau. One such trail area starts at an altitude of 608 m. Kjepso farm is a short and easy trail, up the stairs from Fv.7 to the farm known from the TV. Series; «Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu». "Were no-one would believe anyone could dwell”. 

Spring comes earlier to Ålvik than to the rest of Kvam, which makes good start for a rich plant life. One of the rare plants are “Kvit Skogfrue” (orkidé family), which is protected and has a national focal point in Hardanger, and can be seen along the edge of Fv.7 

In Ålvik, the smelter is ElkemAS Bjølvefossen with about 150 employees. The Elkem-owned smelting plant produces ferrosilicon and FeSi og MgFeSi.

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Norheimsund is a municipality center in Kvam and regional center for Hardanger with about 3,500 inhabitants. Service and pleasure are our key words and the city center offers wide sidewalks and enjoyable meeting places. In 2013 the town were awarded the "State Award for Attractive City". Shopping street with over 40 specialty stores, hotels in the city center and several restaurants. Thon Hotel Sandven is centrally located in the center with the distinctive dining room from 1897. In the centrums tight shopping alley are sporting shops, liquor store, pharmacy, groceries, bank and post office. 

Shopping street with 40 specialty shops, a hotel in center, and choice of restaurants. 
In the local shopping street, you will find a variety of boutiques with, liquor store, pharmacy, staple products, bank, post office. Thon Hotel Sandven placed in the center offers the characteristic dining room from 189.7 Restaurants are located in the center with reputable pizzeria, confectionery, traditional café, pub, kebab- and China restaurant with savory dishes. 

Guest Marina
Norheimsund pier is located in town centre, nestled in a safe bay. The marina docs and building offer electricity and water at all posts, bath facilities including, laundry room and wi-fi. 

Norheimsund is transport hub in Hardanger. Daily schedule of 10 buses for Bergen with correspondence to Flesland Airport. Haukeli-expressen takes you to Oslo or Kristiansand three times daily. There is scheduled boat transfer through the fjord once a day in the summer season. 

The beach promenade along the bay ties the waterfall and fjord together. One walk safely along the fjord between the Hardanger Shipyards, past the guest harbour, along the quiet Movatnet and the unique Steinsdalsfossen, where the trail turns in behind the falls.