Kvam has a rich selection of events throughout the year. Among the biggest finds of Hardingtonar and Hardanger Trebåtfestival in June and the Hardanger Fruits and Parties Festival in October is the annual event for the whole family.



Concert in Kabuso

Kabuso arranges a series of concerts in different genres. Everything from classic matinee concerts to jazz, folk music, shows and popular music. The house has a distinctive chamber music hall with space for 150 listeners.

Tel.: +47 474 79 987
E-post: post@kabuso


Bygdalarm is a Norwegian popular music festival in Øystese / Norheimsund. Its first arrangement was in July 2007, and has since, been annually arranged. Under the Bygdalarma parade, there are also small festivals such as Jolalarm and Easter Arm and festival elements such as the triumphal contest Lurkalarm, the composer competition Littlarm and the children's concerts Badnalarm.

Festivals Chef: Ida Sørheim,
Tel: (+47) 920 85 054

Hardanger Trebåtfestival

Norheimsund 14 - 16 juni. The perfect start to the summer
With the Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter, good harbour, and beautiful surrounding, Norheimsund is a natural venue for western Norway's wooden boat festival. Here the town create a professional and social meeting place for wooden boat lovers and for the land lovers the festival offers entertainment, good experiences and new knowledge. The festival has an extra eye for the little ones with beautiful children's activities, seafarers and play boat workshop. The pier area in the town centre is transformed into a joyful festival arena with wooden boats at the quay and the market on land. Here you will find craft products, maritime items, antiques, activities and good food. In addition, polished vintage cars and old oil-igniting engines on exhibit. All this flair with entertainment and music from the festivals stage.

E-mail: info@trebaat.noTlf.: +47 950 34 496

Ålvik Rock

Norheimsund 5 - 7. september.
Kom og opplev industribygda i hardanger. Smelteverk, arbeiderklasse metall, "Heavy Metal", blant rural natur, høge fjell og vakre hardangerfjorden!

Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter - A shipfart centre

Open maritime workshops and activities for all. Create rope, play boat or rent traditional rowing boat. Variety of exhibitions and films. Handicraft product for sale. The cafe has homemade snacks. The Fartøyvernsenter is located in the center of Norheimsund.

 Tel: (+47) 47 47 98 39


7.-19. June 2019

Hardingtonar is an annual music festival, which has been arranged in June, since 1991. The festival performs Norwegian music in further interpreting. Annual participation of Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. The town’s own composer Geirr Tveit's music is central in Hardingtonar.


Ciderfestival in Øystese

4.-6. October 2018!

In its true tradition, the cider festival will also this weekend be held in a pagan concert with good taste, refinement, competition, market and all the good in the fall, and, if that is not enough, we expect lots of good weather!

For more information contact Marit Buttingsrud at
Tel.: (+47) 901 52 038,  E-mail:

Kinck-days in Strandebarm

Strandebarm 21.-22. juni 2019.
Årleg arrangement med innhald av diktaren Kinch i form av skodespel, musikk og anna underhaldning.