Activities and culture

Steinsdalsfossen is one of Norway's most visited waterfalls. On a good walking path, you can go behind the waterfall and enjoy nature's powers.

At Gullfiskvatnet, located 5 km from Øystese, you can feed goldfish from land. In addition to nature attractions, Kvam has several museums such as Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter or Ingebrigt Vik Museum / Kabuso Art House. 

Activities from fjord to mountains such as hiking on marked trails or swimming in fjord and mountain water awaits you in Kvam. The beautiful Hardangerfjord and the magical Fyksesund can be experienced on a fjord “cruise”, by canoe or kayak.
By car and map, you can travel on exploring in and around Kvam. Be inspired by our tour and activity suggestions under "Activities".



Fyksesund Landskapspark

Fyksesund Landskapspark lies approximately 10km east of Øystese. A great area adapted for nature and cultural experiences. Marked hiking trails and free trail map, local accommodations and café with local flavors and at the pier at Steinstø you will find the open to public Hardanger Aquarium.  The area has possibilities for great nature experiences in the summer season. Canoeing and kayaking, guided boat and mountain walks with more.

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Steinsdalsfossen - waterfall

One of Norway's most visited waterfalls lies just off Fv.7, 2 km from Norheimsund towards Bergen. The Steinsdalsfossen has a fall of 50m and is special because you can walk behind the fall without getting wet. There is a walking path from the parking lot and up under the waterfall, a short little walk. The Steinsdalsfossen is at its largest and finest in May - June during the snow melting.


Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter - A shipfart centre

Open maritime workshops and activities for all. Create rope, play boat or rent traditional rowing boat. Variety of exhibitions and films. Handicraft product for sale. The cafe has homemade snacks. The Fartøyvernsenter is located in the center of Norheimsund.

Tel: +47 474 79 839


Furedalen Alpin

Furedalen, Kvamskogen, Postboks 5, 5601 Norheimsund, Tlf.: 56 55 89 49



Boat, kayak guided tours for rent.

Alf (+47) 970 39 591Torunn (+47) 907 04 190,

Linda Lid.jpg

Linda Lid

Ceramics burned at about 1300 ° C in a wood-burning brick furnace the old

French way that makes an original distinctive color scheme on the ceramic.

Tlf.: (+47) 480 79 468
Adr.: Grøningsvegen 59, 5630 Strandebarm

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River Jetties

The river jetties in Fitjadalen are located along the trail called Sogestien and are easily accessible. One can drive up to Fitjadalen / Fete where there is parking.

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Kunsthuset Kabuso

Kabuso arranges a series of concerts in different genres. Everything from classic matinee concerts to jazz, folk music, shows and popular music. The house has a distinctive chamber music hall with space for 150 listeners.

Tlf.: +47 474 79 987
E-post: post@kabuso

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Bathing in fjord and mountain water

Municipal public bathing areas are located at the beach in Norheimsund, and Øystese.

Other public swimming areas with facilities can be found along the fjord on the stretch along the fjord between Strandebarm to Ålvik: Ljonestangen (Ljones),  Eidesvågen (Tørvikbygd), by the boat harbor in Vikøy, Holmsund (Skipadalen), Laupsa (Øystese) and Tyrvefjøra in Ålvik.

In Kvam there are also many mountain water you can swim in, to the dam's Krokavatn, Skårsvatnet and Fitjadalsvatnet.



Start your cycling adventure in Hardanger with a bike rental in Øystese. The experience starts with good equipment and good bike area suggestions. We offer both!

Rental also available at the tourist information office.



Adr.: Nedre Vik 78, 5610 Øystese
Tlf: 915 59 879, E-post: