Welcome to Hardanger!

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What has KVAM to offer?



Kvam offers a rich variety of events throughout the year. Among the biggest events are Hardingtonar (classic and modern concerts) and Hardanger Trebåtfestival (wooden boat festival) in June and the Hardanger Fruits and Cider Festival in October, all are annual events for the whole family.

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Activities from fjord to mountains, such as hiking on marked trails or swimming in fjord and mountain water awaits you in Kvam. The beautiful Hardangerfjord and in the magical Fyksesund (a fjord arm) can be experienced on fjord “cruise”, by canoe, kayak or a rowboat. When touring by car and a map, you can explore in and around Kvam. Be inspired by our tour and activity suggestions under "Activities".

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Possibilities for accommodation in Kvam is varied.  All along the fjord from Strandebarm via Norheimsund and Øystese to Ålvik, you will find cabins, houses, campsites, venerable hotels, DNT cabins high up on the mountain or farms offering farm holidays.



What can the local businesses offer?


Municipality of Kvam – Information about the different densely populated villages.

Strandebarm, Norheimsund, Øystese and Ålvik.

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What can the local businesses offer?